2 months in Taiwan - relaxing & hassle-free breaks in/out of the country?

This is my first time in Asia. I'm staying in Taipei for about 2 months early next year for a short course. Most importantly, I'm on a career break (after serious work-stress burnout) and therefore am looking

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To Macau or Not to Macau

We will be in Hong Kong for 5 nights starting 25 January. Chinese New Year is January 28. We are thinking of going to Macau on January 27. We would book ferry tickets online in advance & make a dinner reservation.

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Cash Needed in Hong Kong

We will be in Hong Kong over the New Year. I was reading on a website that most banks and govt offices close from January 22 - Feb 12. Do you think we might have a problem getting money from ATMs when we

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Day Trip From Central

I was considering a day trip to Chi Lin Nunnery, Nan Lian Nunnery, the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, and the 10,000 Budhas Monastery. Is this too much in a day? Should we do the hike up Lion's Rock, as well?

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Where to Eat in Hong Kong

We'll be in HK next month for 5 nights and are looking forward to sampling its famed food. Would love suggestions for places to eat from street food to fine dining. Thanks

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Pocket wifi rental in Hong Kong

I will be in Hong Kong for a week in January. After having access to google maps and google translate while in Japan, I really want to have the same option in Hong Kong (and Macau, depending on the service).

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Airport Express/Octopus Card

I was planning on purchasing the Airport Express Tourist Card which provides 3 days of travel on the MTR. Can we add money on that card so that we don't have to wait in line to buy tickets for the Star

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Itinerary Suggestion for HK Trip 10-16 January

Hi guys, please allow me to post another thread for my next trip to HK next January My family and I (5 pax total) plan to go to HK on 10-16 January 2017. and here is the travel background: 1. My Flight

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3 weeks: solo travel to Thailand (with stop in Hong Kong and Tokyo)?

Hey guys (30/m here), rethinking my spring trip next year. Flying from US. Is it possible to tackle this trip in three weeks: Hong Kong -> Thailand -> Tokyo? Since it's such a long flight to Thailand, I

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