Hong Kong Trip planning

Hi all, You have been so helpful in the past that I decided to reach out for some help planning a trip. My husband and I are planning a trip to Hong Kong for next July. We heard amazing reviews about Hong

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A Food Obsessive's First Time Hong Kong

Hi All I am right at the very beginning of the process in planning my first trip to Hong Kong. International flights are already booked for mid-January 2017 and give us 8 nights in HK. We'll be flying in

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Singapore or Hong Kong

A friend and I are scheduled to take a two-week cruise next winter. We leave from Singapore and end up in Hong Kong with stops in Thailand, Cambodia, and Viet Nam. We'll have an additional four or five

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Hong Kong or Toyko

Trying to decide between these 2 destinations for a vacation in November. Would like suggestions between Hong Kong or Tokyo. Thank you.

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Hong Kong early June

Just booked a visit to HKG arriving evening of Sat 28 MAY departing Sat 4 JUN. Staying JW Marriott. Have visited once before, companion has never been before. Looking for any and all suggestions for how

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Nice restaurants for travelers in Hong Kong

I wrote with my pen pals since last year, we two loved foods. He recommended me some special Chinese foods and restaurants for me in this Hong Kong trip. One of the suggested restaurants I reli love, the

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I got a job offer to work in Hong Kong, but...

Hi everyone, I got a job offer as an elementary teacher at an international school in Hong Kong. It pays $ 2500 monthly, but it DOESN'T include housing, insurance or return flight tickets home. In other

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Where should I go for a week in early June, flying from Hong Kong?

Hello I will be with my wife in Hong Kong for some days but we want to fly somewhere in Asia for a week. We want a mix of culture, relax on the beach and some contact with the local people instead of luxurious

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Optimum Garcinia Plus Suitable

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10 Steps To Justify Chocolate In Your Diet

Many those who are obese continually be looking for ways to slim in. All over the world, the problem of overweight has for ages been a very big problem for most. This has led on the manufacturing several

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Hong Kong Luxury hotels

Hello I am considering Mandarin Oriental and Peninsula for a weeks stay before heading to Thailand. Has anyone stayed at either? I like the Peninsula here in the states so Im leaning toward that property.

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Layover in Hong Kong

My husband and I will be arriving in Hong Kong in late October 2016 on a 12 hour layover on our way back to the US. What can we possibly do during our layover? We arrive about noon time and depart at midnight.

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