2 months in Taiwan - relaxing & hassle-free breaks in/out of the country?

This is my first time in Asia. I'm staying in Taipei for about 2 months early next year for a short course. Most importantly, I'm on a career break (after serious work-stress burnout) and therefore am looking

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To Macau or Not to Macau

We will be in Hong Kong for 5 nights starting 25 January. Chinese New Year is January 28. We are thinking of going to Macau on January 27. We would book ferry tickets online in advance & make a dinner reservation.

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Cash Needed in Hong Kong

We will be in Hong Kong over the New Year. I was reading on a website that most banks and govt offices close from January 22 - Feb 12. Do you think we might have a problem getting money from ATMs when we

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Day Trip From Central

I was considering a day trip to Chi Lin Nunnery, Nan Lian Nunnery, the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, and the 10,000 Budhas Monastery. Is this too much in a day? Should we do the hike up Lion's Rock, as well?

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Where to Eat in Hong Kong

We'll be in HK next month for 5 nights and are looking forward to sampling its famed food. Would love suggestions for places to eat from street food to fine dining. Thanks

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Pocket wifi rental in Hong Kong

I will be in Hong Kong for a week in January. After having access to google maps and google translate while in Japan, I really want to have the same option in Hong Kong (and Macau, depending on the service).

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Airport Express/Octopus Card

I was planning on purchasing the Airport Express Tourist Card which provides 3 days of travel on the MTR. Can we add money on that card so that we don't have to wait in line to buy tickets for the Star

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Itinerary Suggestion for HK Trip 10-16 January

Hi guys, please allow me to post another thread for my next trip to HK next January My family and I (5 pax total) plan to go to HK on 10-16 January 2017. and here is the travel background: 1. My Flight

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3 weeks: solo travel to Thailand (with stop in Hong Kong and Tokyo)?

Hey guys (30/m here), rethinking my spring trip next year. Flying from US. Is it possible to tackle this trip in three weeks: Hong Kong -> Thailand -> Tokyo? Since it's such a long flight to Thailand, I

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1 week in Hong Kong-What to do?

I'll be in Hong Kong for a week in March with my dad. I know people love to shop there but that's not something we plan on doing. Aside from that, we're open to anything. What are some of the cant-miss

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Hong Kong restaurant and location for a single night there

We have a layover in Hong Kong. Plane gets in at 3:00 p.m. one day and leaves at 11:00 a.m. the next day. We're booked to stay at an airport hotel, but plan to go into Hong Kong for the evening. After doing

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Best Hotel in Hong Kong

Hi, I am going to Hong Kong in next month. I am very confused about stay in Hong Kong. Because these hotels are all luxury and expensive. Please recommend me the best Hong Kong accommodation?

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Jan-March: TH, HK, JP?

I find myself planning three months' travel in Asia at rather short notice. First step is to block in the "big picture," secure award flights, and then start on the within-country details. With squishy

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Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore - advise is needed

I've been to Tokyo, HK and Singapore 20 years ago on a business trip. I am planning a vacation now and would like to get some opinions. We are a couple in late 50s-early 60s, well travelled in Europe. 1.

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Hong Kong overnight layover

We have a layover in Hong Kong starting at 3:00 pm on February 24; our plane to the states leaves at 11:00 a.m. on Feb 25. We'd like to get at least a taste of Hong Kong. Is there a neighborhood that would

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Any reputable Online Store of Phones from Hong Kong?

Can you recommend a Hong Kong based online store that sells phones and accessories?

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Hong Kong - Travel Report

Hong Kong – an incredible international food paradise. Too much food, too little time. Hong Kong cuisine is mostly originated from the neighboring Cantonese Province. But after years of separation

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Dong Hoi To Phong Nha By Private Cars

Dong Hoi to Phong Nha is about 45 kilometers and it will take about an hour by private car with friendly driver with extensive experience driving from Dong Hoi city to Phong Nha National Park. You will

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At least a 12 hr layover

Greetings, I am in need of some advice. My boyfriend and I will be arriving in Hong Kong on Dec. 26th at around 7:20pm. Our flight to Manila, Philippines is on Dec 27th at 7:50am. These 2 flights are not

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Chinese New Year in Hong Kong

Well, I did it again...I managed to box 3 out of 5 days in Hong Kong during the New Year and Spring Festival. Will sites, restaurants etc all be closed? Thanks

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Recommendations for Asian Tour

Plan to travel to Asia in December, 2016 for a birthday trip! Interested in culture, beaches, nightlife and local experiences. Would like to see as much as possible in 13 days, and to visit 3 Asian countries.

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12 Countries in 1 month or less - Need itenary advice please.

Hey there fellow travelers, Hope everyone's having fun! I am gonna be traveling solo around in south east asia starting second week of August and I am really not able to figure what is the best itinerary

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Are Alexander+Roberts China Tours Any Good?

I am thinking of booking their small group China Sampler tour for this October (2016)? I am a male solo traveler. I want to travel as part of a small group, not on my own with a private tour guide. If no

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Itinerary 3-1/2 week trip to Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand

We recently retired and the two of us are planning to travel for 3-1/2 weeks to southeast Asia in November. We are developing our itinerary now and are looking for help for the specifics. We are interested

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Singapore and Hong Kong: Two weeks

Hi all, Looking to plan a trip in 2017 to Asia, most likely around August. We will be flying from Australia and our arrival and exit has to be Singapore (so whatever we do, we will fly into Singapore, as

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Hong Kong hotel for family of 5

Friends of ours will be in Hong Kong for 2 nights and are looking for a hotel that will allow all 5 family members to stay in one room. It will be two adults and 3 children 6 and under. Any suggestions?

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Hong Kong / Bangkok / Seoul / Tokyo

Good Evening! This is my first time posting here so forgive me if I fail at any forum etiquette! I have a question that I've struggled to find online. I'm a man in a same-sex partnership and we're looking

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Shanghai Tailor?

Hi, Do men still get suits and shirts custom made in Shanghai? in Hong Kong? My son will be there this summer. He is tall and hard to fit and has to go directly to a wedding after the summer. I thought

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24 hrs in Hong Kong

Hi! First off, I want to thank all the previous posters on Hong Kong. You've given some great information. My wife and I are leaving in a few days and spending 24 hours in Hong Kong, landing at 6pm and

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Hong Kong Trip planning

Hi all, You have been so helpful in the past that I decided to reach out for some help planning a trip. My husband and I are planning a trip to Hong Kong for next July. We heard amazing reviews about Hong

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A Food Obsessive's First Time Hong Kong

Hi All I am right at the very beginning of the process in planning my first trip to Hong Kong. International flights are already booked for mid-January 2017 and give us 8 nights in HK. We'll be flying in

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Singapore or Hong Kong

A friend and I are scheduled to take a two-week cruise next winter. We leave from Singapore and end up in Hong Kong with stops in Thailand, Cambodia, and Viet Nam. We'll have an additional four or five

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Hong Kong or Toyko

Trying to decide between these 2 destinations for a vacation in November. Would like suggestions between Hong Kong or Tokyo. Thank you.

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Hong Kong early June

Just booked a visit to HKG arriving evening of Sat 28 MAY departing Sat 4 JUN. Staying JW Marriott. Have visited once before, companion has never been before. Looking for any and all suggestions for how

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Nice restaurants for travelers in Hong Kong

I wrote with my pen pals since last year, we two loved foods. He recommended me some special Chinese foods and restaurants for me in this Hong Kong trip. One of the suggested restaurants I reli love, the

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I got a job offer to work in Hong Kong, but...

Hi everyone, I got a job offer as an elementary teacher at an international school in Hong Kong. It pays $ 2500 monthly, but it DOESN'T include housing, insurance or return flight tickets home. In other

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Where should I go for a week in early June, flying from Hong Kong?

Hello I will be with my wife in Hong Kong for some days but we want to fly somewhere in Asia for a week. We want a mix of culture, relax on the beach and some contact with the local people instead of luxurious

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10 Steps To Justify Chocolate In Your Diet

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Hong Kong Luxury hotels

Hello I am considering Mandarin Oriental and Peninsula for a weeks stay before heading to Thailand. Has anyone stayed at either? I like the Peninsula here in the states so Im leaning toward that property.

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Layover in Hong Kong

My husband and I will be arriving in Hong Kong in late October 2016 on a 12 hour layover on our way back to the US. What can we possibly do during our layover? We arrive about noon time and depart at midnight.

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A city that has many famous markets, offering lip smacking street food, a bite of these, is not only yummy but very stomach and soul filling. Mong Kok street - A street famous for, street food stalls, all

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HK Advice

Hello! I'm heading to HK mid-August to September with my two pre-teen kids. Any suggestions on places we should hit? Guessing it will be too hot/humid to hike. Speaking of the weather, how hot/humid is

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Hong Kong, the Harbour!

Hong Kong has a unique and gorgeous cityscape that simply can’t find elsewhere. A wide and bustle natural wide harbour, embraced by overwhelming buildings and steep green hills as a back canvas. I

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Hong Kong Hotels

I am very excited that we will be in HK in January for 5 nights. (We are 2 adults.) I started looking for hotels in HK and after recovering from the shock of the prices, I am trying to figure out some possibilities

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Help! Travel insurance

I am looking into getting travel insurance for the first time and, even after reading other posts on here, I could still use some advice from all of you! We will be taking a trip in September for 3.5 weeks

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2 week trip

I have two weeks to spend in Asia next month solo. I am flying in and out of Beijing and I want to spend at least 5-7 days there. Would it be pointless to fly to Hanoi for the other days (meaning would

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Honeymoon Feb 2017 - Hong Kong and ?

Hello all, I have been given the task of planning the honeymoon for my fiancee and I who are getting married in Feb 2017. We've narrowed it down to two options, and I'd really appreciate some advice and

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Traveling app

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Journey like no other - Hong Kong

Tired of joining the local trips with the traditional travelling agency, solely visiting the jewellery places? Want to experience the local culture yourself, go to the hidden places for delicious food?

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Tips to go shopping like a native of Hong Kong

Tips to go shopping like a native of Hong Kong If you don’t mind, allude to the shopping tips in Hong Kong of Jacquelyn Tryde, promoting colleague of Four Seasons Hong Kong zone, since they will certainly

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It is difficult to study abroad.

It is difficult to study abroad. One has to deal with the interrelationship as well as adjust to the foreign environment. It is not easy for a little girl like me at least。 Failing in the exam and

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Do You Need BG/SBLC ?

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Hong Kong Shanghai

Hello I will be in Hong Kong on my own before meeting up with others on business trip for two days. I was there many years ago and saw the basic sights but wouldn't mind seeing again. Suggestions on a really

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Obtaining pollution masks before trip to Beijing

We're planning a trip to Beijing in June. We would like to buy some pollution masks before we leave. I've read that the N95 ones are good but I haven't been able to find any available online that ships

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Asia in 3's - HK, Tokyo & Phillippines

Having changed my mind numerous times on where to take my boyfriend for his birthday, originally we were going to Vegas, San Francisco and Hawaii but now we're doing the following: Hong Kong - 2 nights

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Fishing adventures in Cambodia

Fishing with a professional Cambodian fisherman Phnom Penh Fishing Tours offers river, lake and sea fishing trips. We are the first Cambodian fishing boat tour that was established in 2013. Phnom Penh Fishing

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All about Bali

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Hong Kong - 3 nights/days - Itinerary Suggestions?

Myself and 2 companions, after doing a tour of China, will be flying into Hong Kong for 3 nights (first visit). Will be staying at a hotel reviewed on Trip Advisor as "an excellent location in the center

source: Hong Kong http://ift.tt/1W2RMlQ

HK - affordable "outer" areas for accommodation

We're looking at Fortress Hill, Mong Kok near Prince Edward station or even discussed Sha Tin, having exhausted our search in the nearer areas of Hong Kong island If these were your choices for accommodation,

source: Hong Kong http://ift.tt/1Q0lhQw

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11hrs layover in Hong Kong - What to do?

We have an 11 hour layover in HK this coming March. Arriving at 6am on a Sunday, departure at 5pm. There are 6 adults and 3 children (ages 3-8) in our party. We would like to visit the Big Buddha (by cable

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Hong Kong - MTR or Octopus Card

I will be in Hong Kong from a Thursday morning to Sunday morning, My plan is to take the Airport Express to Kowloon and back to the airport. I have a tour booked that includes hotel pick-up and Victoria

source: Hong Kong http://ift.tt/1Okkha2

Hong Kong transit hotel?

I have a 7 hour layover to change flights in Hong Kong at the end of Jan. I can't bear the thought of being stuck in the airport that long, but I don't think it's enough time to get out into the city, especially

source: Hong Kong http://ift.tt/1mJ9ZsV

Hong Kong Airport Arrival Help Needed

I have never done this. I will arrive at Hong Kong airport from the US on CX (Cathay Pacific) I believe the arrival will be at TERMINAL 1. I will need to get to the desk in TERMINAL 2 to exchange prepaid

source: Hong Kong http://ift.tt/1YXoJWO