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Budget hotel for overnight stay in Hong Kong

I have a 12 hour layover in Hong Kong (from a long 15 hour flight from Los Angeles), arriving at 7pm with next day flight at 10:30am. I have never been to Hong Kong and would love to at least see the city.

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Hong Kong, Macau and ?

Am planning trips / booking air mile flights for travel during next 12-18 months. Currently thinking of a visit to Hong Kong and Macau in the first couple of weeks of January. Firstly, does anyone have

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Trip report - 4 days in Hong Kong

Just getting over the inevitable post-flight cold combined with jet lag, so time to write a trip report. We (2 adults) flew LHR to HKG with BA and stayed 4 nights in early December at the YMCA Salisbury

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Help with booking trip to South East Asia!

Hi there! My husband and I are looking to take a trip to South East Asia for the first time in February 2016. We would be flying from San Francisco and looking to hit up a few cities over a few weeks. Proposed

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5D trip to Hong Kong, itinerary and budget suggestions

Hi guys, Am going on a 5day trip to Hong Kong in 2 week of March. Was wondering if you could help me with the itinerary and budget requirements. I will be traveling solo. Flight and hotel bookings are all

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Wanchai as a place to stay

So Hong Kong is one of my favorite places on earth to visit. I love the non-stop clamor, the noise, the smells, the throngs of people moving everywhere all the time, the leventyseven million places where

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Help -- wallet stolen, no cash, no credits cards

(cross-posted in Europe) I'm in a bad situation, and any help or suggestions are welcome. My wallet was stolen while I was getting on the train from Lyon to CDG today. So, I am at a hotel in CDG, no money,

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Cheap Tickets from USA to HK

Hi Guys! I just wanted to share a great news that I couldn't help but share to you travel lovers! I was looking at flights to fly from LAX-> HK during Spring Break with my friends and found a great deal

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China and Japan help

Hello everyone I am in desperate need of help. I was wanting to spend a few days in both China and Japan. Obviously a few days wont be enough to enjoy everything both China and Japan have to offer! The

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Bali Driver

Hi everyone, my name is Krisna, Bali private driver and Tour Guide in Bali. We have 7 team Drivers (speak good english), we will bring you to the most beautiful places in Bali, and we would like to explain

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Travel Southeast Asia in a month

Right now I have a contract working in South Korea. When it ends in July, I was planning on taking a ferry from Busan to Japan. I also have a volunteer opportunity for the end of July, so I decided that

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Hong Air vs China Eastern?

I also posted this on the Air Travel Forum. I want to fly from Honh Kong to Shanghai and these two airlines seem to be offering the best times and prices. I have read the reviews but wonder if anyone has

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Hong Kong Day Trip - Please help with Itinerary

Hello All, Thank you in Advance for helping out. My son 11 year old and I have a transit stop of 14 hrs staring 7:05 am(arrival) to 11:05pm (departure). We have lounge passes so will head there and take

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Photos of Peng Chau and Discovery Bay, Hong Kong

Lived in Discovery Bay 87-88 but only visited once since 94. And hadn't been to Peng Chau in 20 years. Took my wife there last Tuesday for a leisure stroll in the afternoon. If you have really too much

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afraid to go to china

going to china. but not sure anymore after this video. is it safe? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lit_Q5SPsjU

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Hong Kong Trip Report November 2015

Hong Kong Trip Report November 2015 Day 1 Greetings from Hong Kong This is a destination that has been on the bucket list for a long time, but for whatever reason always seemed unobtainable. This year due

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Trip to Guangdong and Hong Kong

This year, I had amazing time exploring Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Foshan, Huizhou and Hong Kong and I can definitely recommend visiting these places at least once. You will for sure meet amazing people and see

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Help Planning a day trip in Hong Kong

Good Morning All, I have a layover in Hong Kong, my flight lands at 7:15 and Leaves at 11pm in the night, would appreciate a good itinerary taking into consideration my 11 year old. Thank you all in Advance.

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Hotels on Repulse Bay or Stanley areas?

I am looking for hotels in the Repulse Bay or Stanley areas of Hong Kong and am having trouble locating any. Anyone have a recommendation?

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2 days exploring Hong Kong

Hi, I just had a chance to spend 48 hours in Hong Kong during a layover, and it was amazing! My itinerary covered most of the highlights: the night skyline from Tsim Sha Tsui promenade, the Star ferry,

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Macau , Hong kong and Disney Itineary , pls need feedbacks

Hi friendsBelow is out itinerary , and this is a last minute trip , so we are kind of rushed . But pls do give me your inputs , and tell me if its making sense logistic wise . Travelling with DH and DD

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Should I stay in Hong Kong or?

I have a 5 day break in Hong Kong on my travel in early Nov. The question i have is, should i stay in Hong Kong and spend the 5 days there or venture out to Hanoi or Siem Reap. I was quite interested in

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Buy back links

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Two weeks in and around Hong Kong

We will be staying in and around Hong Kong for two weeks in November. We are mostly interested in culture, food, nature, art and antiques, good food. I thought about staying six days in TST then moving

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Singapore for work- weekend trips?

Hi all, Just got notice I'll be in Singapore for 4 weeks sometime between January and March 2016- dates are flexible. Of course, I'll be working M-F 8-5/6, so looking forward to weekends. Any quick trips?

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Two weeks in Hong Kong.

Sorry for posting this message on the general "Asia" forum, it should be here in "Hong Kong". We will be staying in and around Hong Kong for two weeks in November. We are mostly interested in culture, food,

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HONG KONG: 9 Must-Dine Restaurants To Suit Every Budget

We just posted a full-on gorge-yourself guide to Hong Kong to suit all budgets (although at the rate this city changes, it'll be obsolete soon). Get in quick! http://ift.tt/1Lhvh6z

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Tours for 7 hour lay over in Hong Kong

My family of 2 adults and 2 children, ages 10-12, will have a 7-hour lay-over in Hong Kong in early January. We arrive at 1100 and depart at 1800. How much is it a hassle to leave and reenter the airport

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Lantau Island in November - Need your wisdom

I've been to Hong Kong the city several times, but I've never been to Lantau Island. I plan to be there this November for about 4 days, but I don't want to find out after my trip that it could have been

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Hong Kong Exclusive

Hello Everyone, My name is Christian, originally from Germany but now living in Hong Kong since a number of years. Hong Kong is a fascinating and exciting place which I fall in love with when I came here

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Tips Regarding Trip to Vietnam & South China

Hi everyone, A friend of mine and I are planning to take a trip to Vietnam and South China for about a month and a half, from mid-November to the very end of December. We are planning to start the trip

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Kowloon Hotels

I am planning a visit to Hong Kong next Feb. I am thinking about staying on Kowloon. I've only been there on a cruise and not stayed on land. I am looking for moderate or good budget hotel recommendations

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food tour in Kowloon

We are going to be in Hong Kong for a day and a half and want to go on a food walking tour one evening. We are going to be in the Kowloon area. Can anyone recommend a tour?

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Hong Kong Layover at Night

I have started looking at flights to see family in Bangkok. I flew over once before through Hong Kong and literally had to run to catch my connecting flight. I can choose another really short layover or

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2 weeks in Asia with a 2 year old (in February)

My wife and I are experienced travelers, having visited Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and Taiwan on previous trips to Asia. We are tentatively planning to escape the U.S. winter this year with a trip

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HK Airport to Guangzhou downtown hotel

Family of 3 with 2 suitcases. Our intercontinental flight arrives at 15:40 and our hotel is downtown Guangzhou, Beijing Road area, yellow metro line 1. Cannot decide which is the best way to connect, either

source: Hong Kong http://ift.tt/1Nwqt2C

Itinerary Hong Kong and Japan - 12 full days

Dear Fodorities guys! I will travel next October to Hong Kong from Brazil and looking for some help about a good itinerary. I will arrive 04 October at 6 p.m in Hong Kong and live 17 October at 1 p.m, 12

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In 18 days from Hongkong via Siem Reap to Singapore (itinerary)

Hi all, my boyfriend and I will be travelling to Asia Mid of February next year for three weeks. We will have 18 days "on the ground" in total. We have three things we definitely want to see in this three

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HK trams may be abolished

Recent news from HK is that the famous, 100+ year old trams (ding-ding) traveling thru Central and beyond may be removed to make way for more.......cars. Incredible, IMO. Read more here and check out the

source: Hong Kong http://ift.tt/1WFKNBm

Black Pearl (Viral Fusion, Hong Kong)

Fusion Chinese food! Nothing more I could describe. Wonderful! The food presented is artistic, serving were nice even though there is a total of 9 dishes. I really love the Black Pearl, which is handmade

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Lax to HKG

lax to hkg
Air travel has become an integral part of our daily life, especially for those who need to travel through the scene in quick time.

These days are past when air travel was designed just for the rich and famous.

With the changing times and new technologies are invented, it has become more affordable, even for people in general.

It's fast, comfortable and safe - and are simply why you are getting hooked to it.

With its growing popularity, a number of airports and airlines have in almost every country in the world, and it is not surprising that the number is increasing day by day.

zuji hk

zuji hk
If you are planning a spa treatment and a relaxing message Bali, going for a shopping spree in Bangkok, or planning to climb to Kota Kinabalu, always seems to be a good time to travel these days.

With more airlines springing budget, we are spoiled for choice recently. You can get airlines to low or even zero dollars airline tickets as AirAsia, Jetstar Airways, Tiger Airways, Lion Air and Cebu Pacific travel around Southeast Asia and even to other countries.

Sfo To Hkg

Sfo To Hkg
The trip is a fact of life for most consultants. Many spend 45 weeks on the road each year, and some say they do not want it any other way.

We know a marriage where both travel consultants. We often joke that they should write a book called "Marriage in three days a week" because they only see each other from Thursday night to Sunday night most weeks. Sure, they take great vacation with all the frequent flyer miles and hotel points, and either stays at home to manage the household, while the others dine at restaurants every night and returns home to all tasks waiting to do.