Japan and Hong Kong in 12 nights

I am flying into Fukuoka late on 2nd June and am leaving from Fukuoka early on 14th June. I am planning on spending the night I arrive and the night before I leave in Fukuoka to be near the airport. I have

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Hong Kong Tour

Last month I went to the Hong Kong on vacation with family. We travel numerous historical place like temples, malls, beaches and much more. Secondary, in the leisure time I play video games so we visited

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2 Free Days in Hong Kong early June

Due to a flight schedule change yesterday, my Mom and I will have two free days in Hong Kong after our 'river' cruise. This is a trip that had been booked for Mom and my now-passed Dad, I'm just stepping

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Transfers and hotel Hong Kong

Hello, I have a 20hr layover in Hong Kong enroute to Delhi. Looking for a hotel recommendation that is clean and relatively affordable also close to airport. Also is the commute into the city fairly easy.

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HKUST fake diploma with transcript how to get it

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology is the third university in Hong Kong to be established in line with the economic restructuring needs of the 1980s. In September 1986, the Preparatory Committee

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First time going abroad

Hi there! I live in the Philippines, and it's my first time going abroad. I can't wait. However, I can't decide on what place to visit. Here are my choices: Hong Kong Shanghai Bangkok Singapore Taipei Kuala

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Danang International Firework Competition ( DIFC ) has changed Danang International Firework Festival ( DIFF) in 2017 and was extended nearly 2 months , from April to June in 2017 With the aim of attracting

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